Pool | Sauna


Warm hours of sunshine await you at the foot of the light-flooded Sonnenberg. Guaranteed 300 days of sunshine a year invite you to enjoy swimming in our pool area. With a water slide and a large sunbathing area, you can enjoy all the bathing fun you can have.

The indoor pool is soothing for limbs tired of hiking. You can find refreshment in our outdoor pool. Natural spring water, rich in minerals and skin-friendly swimming can only be found with us. Relax in a water world between natural stone and the murmur of the Adige river.

Sauna enjoyment

Healthy sweating not only in the sauna. Sweating is guaranteed with us with 300 days of sunshine, but if you value infusions, you can sweat in our Finnish sauna. (Booking at the reception necessary)

Recharge your batteries from within yourself!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating relaxation oasis.